Doosan takes centre stage at Sittler Demolition

CG’s Doosan 235 Excavator takes centre stage at Sittler Demolition

“It’s all about having good equipment and good partners,” says Steve Sittler, Owner and President of Sittler Demolition. “CG Equipment is a good fit for our business and the Doosan 235 is pretty critical to our daily operations.”

Located in Kitchener, Ontario, Sittler Demolition has undergone several evolutions since Steve’s father first began running it as an excavating company in 1949. From excavation, the company branched into wood waste recycling and industrial and commercial waste. In 2010, Steve sold the waste side of the business to concentrate solely on the demolition market.

Working across southwestern Ontario, Sittler Demolition focuses primarily on exterior and interior building demolition. The company also handles concrete cutting and coring, concrete recycling, and soil remediation.

“Working in demolition is extremely hard on our machines,” says Steve. “You’re working with concrete in a dusty environment. We need to have good equipment we can rely on and also a company that can maintain it. Demolition is usually the first part of a bigger project. We never want to be the ones holding up the progress of a project.”

Over the years, Sittler Demolition has gained a positive reputation in the industry – their good service, good equipment, and their ability to get the job done translates into many repeat customers. To make sure the job is done efficiently, Steve and his crew depend on their new Doosan 235 Excavator.

“The Doosan 235 is pretty critical to our operations,” says Steve. “We use it on 95% of job sites. The demolition business has evolved over the years. Buildings are in close quarters to each other, so we need to deconstruct the building piece by piece. With the Doosan’s zero tail swing, we can manoeuver through tight spaces with the power of a bigger machine. With a quick coupler, we can easily put on a grapple, hammer or bucket to strategically pull apart a building. The Doosan 235 is the machine that everybody wants to use on the site.”

Steve first connected with CG Equipment years ago when they had older equipment that required regular servicing. When the time came to purchase a new excavator, the decision to turn to CG was easy.

“In this business, it’s about personal connections” says Steve. “That’s one thing we got right off the bat from CG Equipment. A new machine is a major purchase. We’re going to be together for a long time. We wanted to make sure that the equipment is well looked after, and we had the confidence and trust that CG Equipment would come through for us.”

From the Doosan’s comfortable cab and different machine operating modes to its fuel efficient engine and reasonable cost, the crew at Sittler Demolition are very pleased with the latest addition to their equipment fleet.

“On top of all the great machine features, we’re backed up by parts and service at CG,” says Steve. “They deliver what they say they’re going to deliver. We’ve been really happy working with CG.”