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Service department

In-field Service

The saying “You can sell the first machine but the service will sell the second!” is something we take very seriously.  We understand that you need to be up and going to keep your business profitable.

We realize the importance of having onsite servicing and repairs.  Our road technicians are equipped with service trucks that are fitted with all the necessary tools to make sure we are repairing your equipment as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

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In a world of need to know now, Telematics keeps you there through realtime monitoring of your machine.

Offered as an option through our OEM’s (Fuchs and Doosan), you can keep track of idle time, machine run time, location, service intervals, codes, setup security fences, etc.  We also have access to your machine to help with locating the unit for services, diagnosing a code without a service call, and tracking service intervals for you.

Let us help you manage your equipment, talk to a sales rep today!

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OEM Engine Repairs and Service

CG Equipment is the proud dealer and support provider of the following engine manufacturers.

  • Doosan
  • Scania
  • Yanmar (Yanmar CE only)
  • Perkins (Doosan CE only)

By being certified, we have total control of warranty on the OEM’s we sell.  The certification includes diagnostic tooling, technicians trained by OEM manufacturers, Warranty work, and OEM parts support.

By being the single point of contact, this gives you less downtime and better support for your equipment.

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Fluid Analysis

Oil analysis is a good way of tracking the wear of primary components on your equipment.  This can catch an issue before it fails, saving you downtime and money.

CG Equipment offers this service for any brand of machine.  We use a special extraction tool to make sure a proper sample is taken.  Our Doosan and Fuchs machines have dedicated sampling ports for optimized sampling.  Couple this with a Preventative Maintenance program, offered for Fuchs or Doosan, to minimize downtime and optimize your equipment performance.



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Hydraulic Repairs

From cylinder repair to hoses, steel tubing to pumps, CG Equipment has got you covered!

We have the capabilities for rebuilding large cylinders, re-torquing the piston nuts properly and breaking loose tough gland nuts. Our cylinder press bench can handle pretty much any size of heavy equipment cylinder using a single stage cylinder system.

Need a steel tube bent?  We can do that too!  With a selection of hydraulic steel tubing, mandrel bender, and various weld on ends, we can custom build you a tube to get you going.  Each tube we build is TIG welded and pressure tested to ensure no leaks are present.

RYCO hose is our brand of choice!  If you need a hydraulic hose replaced, we are partnered with one of the best companies in the industry.  Key aspects of the hose are its flexibility, superior built fittings and large assortment of fitting adapters, making us capable of helping you with all types and brands of hose repair.

Looking to run a unique piece of equipment?  CG Equipment has a vast experience in custom plumbing attachments to run on your machines.  Whether you need custom tube kits, priority valves, rotate circuits, etc., we have connections to get your attachments up and running on your desired carrier.



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Equipment Inspections

Your focus is to keep your business up and going, our focus is the same.  When you bring your equipment in to our shop, we look it over to let you know if there is any recommended maintenance required.  This is an extra set of trained eyes checking over your equipment while it is already in our shop.  The idea is to limit your downtime and costs by letting you know of any repairs that may be needed in the near future that could cause you downtime.

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Extended Warranties

CG Equipment offers various extended warranty programs for its OEM brands.  If you are looking for that peace of mind, then don’t hesitate to connect with one of our sales representatives.  They will show you multiple options to get your equipment covered for various lengths of time and or coverage.

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Preventative Maintenance Agreements

The maintenance of your equipment is paramount!  That is why CG Equipment and the OEM’s it represents offer Preventative Maintenance programs to maintain your machines to factory specifications.

We set the program up to cover your maintenance as per factory spec, doing all your services as well as a machine inspection (to cover any upcoming repairs and prevent downtime), oil analysis, telematics and more!

By putting your machine on a preventative maintenance program, you increase its resale value, decrease your downtime and lengthen the life of the machine.

We make it easy for you to pay too!  Once set up, you pay by the engine clock hour each month.  This way if you aren’t using the machine, you aren’t paying!

Be sure to talk to your sales rep today!

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In-Shop Service

Our shops are all set up with the tools needed to get the job done.  Through our service team, we can schedule your work in to make sure it gets in and out.

Technicians are on a time clock system to ensure the proper time is being billed to your jobs.  This ensures fair billing of work being done on your machines.  Each tech also has access to a computer station that enables them to access up to date information on the equipment they are working on.

The OEM’s we represent support us with experts on the products we are selling.  If our guys get stumped, we can get the manufacturer involved to help us make sure you get going ASAP.

Have a brand we don’t carry?  Bring it anyway!  Our service team works on any make.  We let you know up front if the job needs to be handled by a dealer or if it’s something we can fix in a fair amount of time.  Let us help you with your whole fleet!

Call our service team to help you today!

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Large jobs don’t scare us!

CG Equipment can help you with your engine overhaul, axle rebuild, transmission overhaul, pump rebuild, etc.  If you’re in need of refurbishment of major components, speak with our service team to give you a quote.

We use OEM parts to ensure the best quality is going back into your components.  Hot tank cleaning of parts ensures assembly is clean and contaminants are not present.  Access to OEM specifications ensures we are torquing the bolts correctly, assembling in the proper order, and setting clearances properly.

Let us help you with your refurbishment today!



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