Doosan 235 Excavator a Double-Duty Performer

From gravel pit to emergency response, this Doosan 235 excavator keeps Science Hill Aggregates Inc. and local fire departments at the top of their game.

Wearing two hats comes naturally to Steve Toews, owner of Science Hill Aggregates Inc., located north of St. Mary’s, Ontario. His company provides complete excavation services for commercial, residential, farming and agricultural customers across southwestern Ontario, including demolition, ditching, foundations and clean-up.

When he’s not delivering gravel or lining up projects, he wears a second hat as volunteer Fire Chief for the Granton and Perth South communities. Helping him meet both his excavation and fire department responsibilities is the Doosan 235 excavator he purchased in 2013 from CG Equipment.

“We run the Doosan in the gravel pit up to 12 hours a day some weeks,” says Steve, who operates Science Hill Aggregates with three employees. “We can’t afford downtime, but with this excavator we really haven’t had any. It’s been extremely reliable.”

Steve credits the Doosan with helping Science Hill Aggregates improve productivity on the job site, touting its exceptional fuel consumption, cycle speed, and compact size. The excavator’s reduced tailspin especially impresses Steve, allowing for easy access through narrow spaces without sacrificing comfortable cab space.

But the biggest factor in Steve’s decision to purchase a Doosan excavator came down to price. “I looked closely at all of the specs – cycle times, travel speeds, lifting capacity,” says Steve. “The features and benefits were all impressive for this machine, but it was the reasonable price that sold me. I’ve had great performance despite the fact that it’s not the most expensive machine on the market.”

Steve’s Doosan excavator also helps him with emergency excavation in his role as Fire Chief. “We had a situation in a neighbouring municipality where a truck had overturned, spilling product onto the road, and the Doosan was successful in clearing the product quickly to re-open the road without long delays,” says Steve. “It’s been a very versatile machine.”

Since his decision to purchase the Doosan, Steve has been pleased with the service provided by CG Equipment. “They call me right back if I’m having a problem and consistently offer good, friendly service,” says Steve.

Steve is also the first to share his enthusiasm with the CG Equipment rental service. “When we have a specialized job that requires a specific attachment, all I need to do is call CG and they get me what I need,” says Steve. “They know my machine, they know what kind of attachment it can handle and they offer a wide variety of attachments for excavators. All in all, they really know how to help their customers.”