“Do it once; do it right.”

Growing up as part of a family business that his father, Don, began in 1971, Ken Burns developed a solid work ethic that has led to a 45-year career at Don Burns Excavating Ltd. in Fergus, Ontario. Working alongside his father for the majority of those years, Ken learned the importance of keeping commitments, staying punctual and getting the job done right the first time. “My father used to say to me, ‘do it once; do it right,’” says Ken. “These are words I live by every time I start a project with a new customer.”

Now sole owner of the successful excavation company, Ken attributes a good part of his success to equipment that can keep up to the rigorous demands of long work days. Enter CG Equipment. “CG Equipment is the perfect fit for us,” says Ken. “Because we’re a small company, we only have a couple of excavators. The Doosan DX180 from CG Equipment is the backbone of our business. If it breaks down, I can call the CG Equipment service department, tell them the issue and they jump right on it. In this business, time is money and CG really helps reduce our downtime.”

Touting some of the benefits of the Doosan DX180, including operator comfort, quiet operation, rear camera, improved visibility and efficient cycle times, Ken and his employee and right-hand man, Dave Duncan, both agree that by far the biggest selling feature of the Doosan is its fuel efficiency. “I love the Doosan’s fuel efficiency,” says Ken. “Over the course of a year, it saves us a lot of money.”

The road to becoming a Doosan owner had a few bumps along the way. A few years back, frustrated by the lack of support and service from a different dealership, Ken began looking around for a new excavator. Because most of Ken’s jobs focus on excavation work at the homes of high-end customers, he needed a true workhorse he could depend on. When he contacted CG Equipment, they suggested he demo a Doosan 225 until the Doosan 180 he ordered could be delivered from the U.S. “We could use the Doosan demo excavator as much as we needed until the new one came in,” says Ken. “No questions asked.”

Making the switch to a Doosan was also not without its challenges – or a few raised eyebrows. “Our new orange excavator turned a few heads,” says Ken. “There was talk throughout town. But we’ve now seen six or seven Doosans around the area, which is a really big change.”

With business in full swing, Ken still finds time to pursue his passion for riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle on trips across North America. “This business has been great,” says Ken. “We have a good fleet of machines and knowing we can count on CG Equipment is really huge for us. Their service department is really the selling feature of working with them and their product support is second to none.”