Bennett Mechanical waterproofs Toronto reservoirs with Prinoth’s Crawler Carrier

When waterproofing and structural rehabilitation work began at Toronto’s second largest underground water reservoir, the crew at Bennett Mechanical knew that specialized equipment would be required to get the job done safely and efficiently.

“Because it’s a very old reservoir – and a concrete reservoir – there’s a weight restriction,” says Bob Suffern, Construction Supervisor at Bennett Mechanical. “The crawler carriers were the only machines we could use on top of the tank and still have a load on it.”

Bennett Mechanical, located in Milgrove, Ontario, focuses on water, sewage and reservoir work within the GTA area. When they were awarded the contract to retrofit one of the city’s oldest water reservoirs with a new roof membrane, they contacted CG Equipment to help source the Prinoth crawler carriers.

“We don’t need a track machine on a day-to-day basis, so we rented the Prinoth carriers from CG Equipment,” says Bob. “My operators love them. There’s no argument on who’s going to run the Prinoths. They’re in them first thing in the morning.”

This particular rehabilitation project included removing all of the dirt and material from the top of the roof to expose the roof membrane, removing the old roof membrane, replacing it with a new membrane and insulation, filling it with dirt again and transforming it back into a park.

Because the Prinoth crawler carriers are designed specifically to minimize ground pressure, these machines allowed Bennett a certain weight per square foot on top of the tank. “Weight restrictions are key to this job site,” explains Bob. “Because of the amount of time that we have to be on top of the tank, all of our equipment here is rubber track so it doesn’t damage the structure.”

In addition, the carrier’s tracks excel in off-road and poor driving conditions. “There’s a ten metre elevation difference between the top and the roadway down at the bottom, so the Prinoth crawler equipment handles the hills, especially in inclimate weather and especially better than a wheeled machine would,” says Bob.

As for working in partnership with CG Equipment, Bob has only positive comments. “Our experience with CG, in the rental division, and the repair part of their operation, has been great,” says Bob. “They’ve been just great to deal with.”