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OilQuick OQC – Automatic Quick Coupler System For Handling Materials

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OilQuick OQC – Automatic Quick Coupler System For Handling Materials

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Change hydraulic attachments in 15 seconds

The OQC is an OilQuick suspended quick coupler, which is primarily designed for use on loading cranes and other handling equipment. Basically, the system consists of an extremely rugged 360° rotator mounted on our fully hydraulic, tried-and-tested quick coupler. The OQC unit is suspended from the handling equipment’s stick.

The quick coupler for suspended attachments designed for the future!

  • Over 20 years’ experience with fully automatic quick coupler systems.
  • Maximum cost effectiveness and flexibility – being able to use the right attachment makes the machine a versatile tool carrier. This enables capacity utilisation to be maximised and process flows optimised.
  • Tailored applications – wide range of work tools available, with the option of using special/custom attachments.
  • Secure connection within seconds – simple and safe changing of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical work tools from the operator’s cab.
  • Quick couplers from OilQuick – have proved their worth on job sites thousands of times.
  • Integrated electric swivel – lifting magnets can be used without additional cables having to be laid manually from the machine to the plate.
  • Maximum flexibility – 360° continuous rotation for all work tools with heavy-duty motor.

Why OQC?

  • Hydraulic cylinder with double hose rupture valves. Full system pressure continuously applied to the locking bolts ensures that the attachments are locked securely in place without any play.
  • Robust quick coupler made of high-grade steel.
  • Wear-free OilQuick tool adapter.
  • It only takes one cylinder movement to connect the hydraulic circuits automatically and lock the tools mechanically.

OQC Models

  • OQL 65
  • OQL 70-55