OKADA CUT Series Demolition Shears

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2017OKADA CUT Series Demolition Shears

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360 degree rotation mechanism

CUT Multi Crushers are equipped with the ability to rotate 360 degrees. Okada ARTS rotator is standard for CUT50 and 82 and Okada HR rotator is standard on CUT30. Free rotation (FR) is optional for CUT30.

Indexable cutter blade

Rebar and structural steel such as I beam can be processed. The blade is made of tough hardened steel and indexable for longer lasting performance.

Heavy duty structure

The frame and crushing jaws are produced utilizing a special iron alloy. The method of assembly delivers unmatched power compared to fabricated structures.

Heavy duty bearing

Extremely heavy duty bearings in the rotating joint give unmatched durability, and never need adjustment.

Frame pin adjustment

The exclusive frame pin adjustment mechanism ensures proper clearance, which is critical for clean cut.

Crushing wedge

Okada original crushing wedge penetrates and cracks the concrete to be processed. The wedge is rebuildable.

Speed valve

Standard equipment on all CUT Multi Crushers, the Okada speed valve utilizes the return out of the hydraulic cylinders to greatly increase the cycle speed of the crusher.

Pressure relief valve

A standard built-in pressure relief valve protects against overload.

Cylinder rod cover

A cylinder rod cover on the frame minimizes exposure of the cylinder rod to debris generated during the crushing process.


Operating weight lbs 1570 2590 4930
Carrier weight range US tons 6.6-9.9 11-17.6 20-28

Above specifications assume the use of an Okada Universal pin mount
Rotation system used: CUT50/82=ARTS, CUT30=HR.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.